The history of SpedPack

A continuous and highly successful business progression since 1980 gives evidence of our buisness strategy!

1980    Company foundation and beginning of activities in July 1980
80 m² office- and 380 m² warehouse area
Manpower at the beginning: 3 employees
Right from the start all conveyance services were arranged
and in addition to this our packing service was carried out
Enlargement of the warehouse area to 900 m²    1983
1985    Additional leasing of 2.500 m² free warehouse area and 400 m² shed roof storage
Building up and extension of our daily express traffic with bulk goods
Linz-Vienna-Linz, Linz-Munich-Linz and Linz-Regensburg-Linz
with a twenty-four-hour service including
customs clearances for imports and exports
Consolidated transport Linz-Milan-Linz, Linz-Stuttgart-Linz and Linz-Koeln-Linz
Enlargement of the office area to 130 m² - Manpower 10 employees
1993    Foundation of a new location in Budweis/Czech Republic with 2 employees
Purchase of the former Estermann-Kirchner area
December: Move from Estermannstraße to the new
forwarding and logistic center in Linz 67 Lederergasse
1995    Diverse structural alteration and renovation works and rearrangement of the factory
New development of a hall for cranes and storage with a 10to indoor crane
Enlargement of our east division in Linz and also in our location in Budweis
Manpower in Linz - 16 employees, in Budweis - 4 employees
Intensified logistics activities made possible by enlarging our track system
East transports to Slovakia, Hungary and Slovenia
Enlargement of our warehouse in Budweis
Internal restructuring
Manpower in Linz - 20 employees, in Budweis - 5 employees
2001    Further extension of the national and East-European logistics
Obtaining the license for the duty stock keeper
Purchase of property in the Czech Republic and
planning of a new logistic center in Budweis
Manpower in Linz - 23 employees
Further extension of our transports to the east and west    2003
2004    Beginning of the expedited service named SPEED in the Czech Republic
Now a duration of only 24 hours to the Czech Republic is possible
Building up and extension of the consolidated transport Hamburg-Linz,
Wetter(Ruhr)-Linz and Bradford(GB)-Linz
Entry to the Europe-wide bulk goods distribution system ILN
2008    Founding of export consolidated transport to Wetter/Ruhr